EarStim is a wearable neuromodulation device that alleviates the symptoms of Parkinson's disease. With an ergonomic design, the chargeable device can be worn all day on the patient’s ear. The clinical trials on the short-term efficacy and reliability of EarStim provided favorable results.

*EarStim is currently in its clinical stage and is not yet available for sale.

Parkinson’s Disease

Parkinson’s disease is a disorder of the nervous system, with primary symptoms including tremor, stiffness in the limbs and difficulty with walking and balance. The symptoms worsen as the disease progresses, affecting the patient’s quality of life adversely. Parkinson’s disease, which presents itself when the dopaminergic neurons in the brain, is the second most common neurodegenerative disorder globally after Alzheimer’s disease. Although Parkinson’s disease is generally seen in people over the age of 60, younger people may have early-onset forms, which are often inherited.

In the advanced stages of the disease, the patient may experience difficulty walking and speaking, and become unable to perform simple daily tasks. Even though this progressively degenerative disease does not have a known cure yet, some of its symptoms may be alleviated with certain medicines or a device that is surgically planted in the brain.

About Us

Stoparkinson Healthcare Systems Inc. is funded by Inventram, the venture capital arm of Koc Holding LLC. Its’ corporate headquarters are in San Mateo, California centrally located between San Jose and San Francisco. The Company is dedicated to the development of neuromodulation devices for degenerative diseases. It has developed a non-invasive wearable technology platform for a neurostimulator, which relieves the motor and non-motor symptoms of Parkinson Disease. The Company has developed a deep intellectual property pipeline with three issued and three pending patents in the US and has completed four clinical trials.


EarStim is a wearable neuromodulation device that alleviates Parkinson's disease symptoms such as tremors, slowness, and stiffness without a surgical procedure. EarStim optimizes the quality of life in Parkinson patients. The user-friendly wearable device, may reduce dependency on medications and may be used as an adjunct to prescribed medications enhancing the patient’s comfort.

Key Features


No surgical procedure required.


Ergonomically designed for easy wearing and removal.


Relief in excess of 90 minutes


Intellectual rights protected.

User Friendly

Chargeable for daylong use.

Clinical Studies

Multi-center Duration Clinical Study 2022

Demonstrates immediate and long-lasting clinical MDS-UPDRS improvement

EarStim was tested for length of use in a pilot clinical trial in a number of centers in the USA.

Locomotion Study 2019

Provides immediate relief and accelerates impact of levodopa

The clinical trial conducted to measure the effect of using EarStim on the motor skills of Parkinson’s patients has been completed with positive results. The findings of the clinical trial were published in the Frontiers in Neurology journal. Please click here to access the article.

Mechanism of Action Study 2018

fMRI analysis confirms link between auricular zone and STN/PPN

EarStim’s mechanism of action in the brain was studied in a clinical trial. The patients’ fMRI images before and after the stimulation applied by EarStim were assessed to observe the changes.

Short-term efficacy study 2017

Demonstrates sustained UPDRS improvement at 50 minutes

The clinical trial conducted with 24 patients studied the efficacy and safety of EarStim in short-term use. The biostatistical analyses proved that EarStim alleviated some of the symptoms of the disease. Furthermore, no side effects were observed while wearing the device. The results of this research were published in an article in the journal Frontiers in Human Neuroscience. Please click here to access the article.

Pivotal Clinical Trial

Multi-center Duration Clinical Study



Locomotion Study

Mechanism of Action Study

Short-term Efficacy Study

Management Team

Richard Lotti

Chief Executive Officer

Yusuf O. Cakmak

M.D, Ph.D,
Chief Scientific Officer

Burak Ozsoy

VP of Product & Operations

Ali Samiian

VP of Regulatory & Reimbursement

Advisory Board

Hubert Fernandez MD

Robert Hauser MD

Frank Fischer